Understanding and Styling the Square Face: Expert Tips for Hairdressers


Every face tells a story, and for hairdressers, understanding this narrative is crucial. The square facial type, distinguished by its angular and bold contours, stands as a testament to strength and symmetry. But like all facial types, it comes with its own set of challenges and opportunities in the hairstyling domain. This comprehensive guide dives deep into the square facial shape, providing hairstylists with the knowledge and techniques to bring out the best in this distinctive face type.

Understanding and Styling the Square Face

Anatomy of the Square Face

Before exploring styling techniques, it’s essential to define the characteristics that make a face distinctly square:

  1. Dimensions and Angles: Square faces are typically proportional in terms of width and length. However, the angles—especially at the temples and jaw—are more pronounced and give the face its characteristic square appearance.
  2. Prominent Features: The most defining features include a wide forehead, prominent cheekbones, and a squared-off jawline. These strong features lend the face a sense of character and assertiveness.
Square facial type
Square facial type

The Art and Science of Styling a Square Face

A hairdresser’s role isn’t just about cutting and styling hair—it’s about sculpting a look that complements and enhances the client’s natural beauty. Here are the techniques and considerations to optimize the styling of a square face:

  1. Softening the Angles: Given the sharpness of a square face, one primary goal is to introduce elements that counteract and soften these angles. This can be achieved by adding layers or waves that gently cascade around the jawline and temples.
  2. Volume Dynamics: To balance the strong features of a square face, it’s beneficial to introduce volume, especially around the ear area. This added width between the temples and jaw aids in offsetting the broad forehead and strong chin, producing a more harmonized look.
  3. Framing the Face: Long, soft layers or loose waves can work wonders for the square face, drawing attention to the cheekbones and eyes. These styles help in subtly diverting focus from the angular jawline.
  4. Bangs and Length Considerations: Wispy, side-swept bangs can introduce a touch of softness to the prominent forehead. When considering the length of the hair, medium to long styles typically work best, allowing for flexibility in framing and softening the face.
  5. Avoiding Excessive Straight Lines: Hairstyles that emphasize straight lines, such as blunt bobs or straight-across bangs, might overaccentuate the squareness of the face. While these can be trendy and stylish, they may not be the optimal choice for those looking to soften their square features.
Styling option for square facial type
Styling option for square facial type


The square facial shape, with its commanding presence and bold features, offers an exciting palette for hairdressers. By understanding its nuances and applying techniques to soften and balance its angles, hairstylists can craft looks that not only flatter but also empower their clients. Remember, the essence of great hairstyling isn’t just about following trends—it’s about tailoring them to resonate with the individuality of each client, ensuring they walk out of the salon feeling confident, beautiful, and uniquely themselves.

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