Styling the Round Face: A Comprehensive Guide for Hairdressers


Mastering the art of hairstyling requires a keen understanding of facial shapes and their nuances. The round face, with its characteristic fullness and soft contours, presents a unique canvas for hairstylists. This article provides a detailed exploration of the round facial type, and offers professional insights on how to sculpt and complement its features to achieve a harmonious and flattering look.

Styling the Round Face

The Essence of the Round Facial Shape

Before diving into styling options, let’s first unravel the anatomy of a round face:

  1. Dimensions: Round faces are typified by their almost equal width and length, giving them a cherubic appearance.
  2. Contours: Round faces possess a soft, circular hairline complemented by a similarly rounded chin. The cheeks often have a fuller appearance, making the face appear wide.
Round facial type
Round facial type

Challenges and Opportunities for Hairstyling

The round face, while charming, may sometimes appear too youthful or cherubic for some clients. The primary challenge for hairstylists is to impart a sense of elongation, creating a balance between the width and length of the face. Fortunately, this perceived challenge is also an exciting opportunity for creative hairstyling.

Strategies to Flatter the Round Face

  1. Elongation Through Volume: One of the most effective strategies for enhancing a round face is adding height or volume at the crown or top of the head. This draws the eye upward and gives the face a longer appearance. Be it through soft layers, volume-boosting products, or teasing techniques, elevation is a round face’s best friend.
  2. Streamlined Sides: While the crown demands volume, the sides should be kept relatively close to the face. This contrast between the volumized top and streamlined sides further accentuates the illusion of length.
  3. Angular Cuts: Introducing angles through asymmetrical cuts or side-swept bangs can provide a striking contrast to the face’s natural roundness. This not only adds a modern edge but also breaks the continuity of the circle.
  4. Longer Lengths: Long, straight hair can also provide the desired elongating effect. However, if clients prefer short hair, a tousled pixie with volume at the top can be equally flattering.
  5. Avoiding Certain Styles: Center parts, chin-length bobs, or heavy bangs can emphasize the roundness. While these styles can look stunning on other face shapes, they might not be the ideal choices for round-faced clients.
Styling option for round facial type
Styling option for round facial type


The round face, with its youthful and soft appearance, holds immense potential for a wide range of hairstyles. While the primary goal may be to introduce a sense of elongation, it’s equally crucial to celebrate the innate charm of this facial type. With the right techniques, hairdressers can transform a round face into a canvas of elegance, style, and sophistication, ensuring clients leave the salon feeling confident and radiant.

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