Mastering the Triangle Face: Hairdressing Techniques for the Triangular Facial Shape


The triangle, a shape of strength and dynamic angles, also finds its parallel in facial structures. For hairdressers, the triangular face, characterized by a narrow forehead and a prominent jaw and chin line, presents a canvas with unique styling challenges. This in-depth guide will elucidate the nuances of the triangular facial type, offering hairdressers the insights and techniques needed to harmonize and enhance this distinctive shape.

Hairdressing Techniques for the Triangular Facial Shape

Defining the Triangular Face

To appreciate the art of styling for the triangular face, it’s pivotal to first understand its foundational attributes:

  1. Dimensional Asymmetry: The triangular face is notable for its tapering upward shape. The forehead is comparatively narrow, while the jaw and chin region is more expansive and pronounced.
  2. Accentuated Lower Features: The broad jaw and chin line grant a sense of grounding and gravitas to the triangular face. This gives the face an air of determination and strong character.
Triangular facial type
Triangular facial type

Crafting the Perfect Style: Techniques and Tips

Creating a balanced and aesthetically pleasing style for the triangular face is about understanding its innate contrasts and working to create a harmonious whole. Here’s how hairdressers can achieve that:

  1. Uplifting Volume: Adding volume at the temples is a transformative technique for the triangular face. This adds breadth to the narrower upper part of the face, establishing a counterbalance to the wider jaw.
  2. Elevate the Crown: A touch of height at the top can elongate the face’s appearance, creating a sense of vertical equilibrium. Whether it’s through soft layers or strategic teasing, this verticality can be gracefully flattering.
  3. The Magic of Bangs: Soft bangs or a gentle fringe can be particularly effective for the triangular face. They can act as a veil, subtly masking the narrowness of the forehead and drawing attention to the eyes. Whether they’re wispy, side-swept, or even slightly tousled, bangs can redefine the face’s focal points.
  4. Length and Proportions: Medium to long hair lengths can be especially harmonious for the triangular face. They provide ample opportunity for layering and framing, offering a counterweight to the pronounced jawline.
  5. Avoid Overemphasizing the Jaw: Given the prominence of the jaw and chin, styles that end precisely at the jawline might not be ideal. They could unintentionally accentuate its width. Instead, opting for longer styles or incorporating gentle waves can soften the look.
Styling option for triangular facial type
Styling option for triangular facial type


The triangular face, with its contrasts and pronounced features, offers hairdressers a unique challenge. By embracing the face’s inherent geometry and introducing balancing elements, stylists can craft looks that celebrate the triangle’s strengths while introducing softness and harmony. Ultimately, the art of hairstyling is about recognizing individual beauty and using one’s expertise to amplify it, ensuring every client feels celebrated and confident in their own skin.

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