Crafting for the Oblong: Hairstyling Strategies for the Oblong Facial Shape


In the realm of hairdressing, understanding the intricacies of various facial shapes is paramount. Each shape, with its unique attributes, provides a canvas that can be accentuated or subtly transformed through hairstyling. The oblong facial shape, characterized by its elongated structure and hollowed cheeks, is one such type. This article delves deep into the techniques hairdressers can employ to flatter and enhance the oblong face, bringing harmony and balance to its naturally linear dimensions.

Hairstyling Strategies for the Oblong Facial Shape

The Oblong Face: An In-depth Look

Before diving into styling techniques, it’s crucial to understand the key features of the oblong face:

  1. Linear Length: Oblong faces are notably elongated. This can make them distinctively graceful but can also make them appear stretched if not styled correctly.
  2. Hollowed Cheeks: An oblong face is often accompanied by slightly sunken or hollowed cheeks, which can add a touch of sophistication but can also intensify the face’s linear appearance.
Oblong facial type
Oblong facial type

Styling Strategies for the Oblong Face

Given the specific attributes of the oblong facial structure, certain hairstyling strategies can work wonders:

  1. Aim for Equilibrium: The goal for styling an oblong face is to balance its natural elongation. This is achieved by giving the face a more proportional appearance, neither too long nor too wide.
  2. Upper Restraint: While it might be tempting to add volume to the top of an oblong face, this can exaggerate its length. Instead, keeping the hair relatively flat or close to the scalp at the crown can counteract the face’s natural elongation.
  3. Broadening Sides: Amplifying volume on the sides can create the illusion of width, reducing the perception of an overly elongated face. Whether through soft curls, waves, or layers, this additional width can provide a sense of balance.
  4. Optimal Length: Hair that is overly long can stretch the appearance of an oblong face further. Chin-length or slightly longer hairstyles can be especially flattering. Bobs, shags, and even certain pixie cuts with volume on the sides can work beautifully for this face shape.
  5. Framing Fringes: Incorporating bangs or fringes that skim the eyebrows can break up the length of the face. This can shift the focus towards the eyes and give the face a shorter appearance.
  6. Avoid Vertical Styles: Hairstyles that draw the eye up and down, like high ponytails or long straight hair, can make the face appear even more oblong. It’s better to opt for styles that move the gaze horizontally.
Styling option for oblong facial type
Styling option for oblong facial type


The oblong face, with its refined length and distinctive cheek structure, offers hairstylists a unique canvas to work upon. By employing techniques that introduce breadth and break up the face’s linearity, hairdressers can craft styles that resonate with the natural elegance of the oblong shape while ensuring a balanced and harmonious appearance. The key lies in understanding the oblong face’s inherent geometry and using hairstyling as a tool to augment and complement its beauty.

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