The Heartbeat of Beauty: Hairstyling for the Heart-Shaped Face


The heart-shaped face, a romantic and endearing facial contour, is both intriguing and challenging for hairdressers. With its broad forehead tapering to a delicate chin, the heart shape possesses an allure that stands apart. However, like every face shape, it requires precise hairstyling choices to ensure the best aesthetic outcome. This detailed guide will shed light on the intricacies of working with a heart-shaped face and suggest styling techniques to flatter and complement its unique dimensions.

Hairstyling for the Heart-Shaped Face

Defining the Heart-Shaped Face

At the core of the heart-shaped face are two distinct features:

  1. Forehead: Broad and dominating, this is the widest part of the face, drawing immediate attention.
  2. Chin Line: Gently narrowing down, the face ends in a fine, petite chin that adds a touch of softness.
Heart-shaped facial type
Heart-shaped facial type

Hairstyling Strategies for the Heart-Shaped Face

Knowing the heart-shaped face’s structural blueprint is only the first step. Crafting the perfect hairstyle involves a balance of volume, length, and layering.

  1. Playing Down the Width: The broader forehead can sometimes create an imbalanced look. To counter this, styling the hair close to the head, especially at the top, can be beneficial. Keeping the volume minimized here ensures that attention isn’t overly focused on the forehead.
  2. Bangs & Fringes: One of the most effective tools in the hairstylist’s arsenal for heart-shaped faces is bangs. Opt for long, sweeping bangs or a piece-y fringe that grazes the eyebrows. This breaks up the width of the forehead and introduces a gentle transition to the rest of the face.
  3. Enhancing the Middle Third: The cheekbone area, or the middle third of the face, is where you can introduce some creativity. Expanding the hair’s silhouette here, especially around the ears, provides a graceful curve that complements the tapering chin.
  4. Focusing on the Jaw & Neck: The heart-shaped face benefits from volume and width in the lower regions. By emphasizing the jaw and neck area, you can achieve a well-rounded, harmonious look. Layers, waves, or curls that add fullness at the bottom counterbalance the narrow chin.
Styling option for heartshaped facial type
Styling option for heartshaped facial type


The heart-shaped face, with its characteristic wideness at the top and tapering contour at the bottom, presents a delightful challenge for hairdressers. By making strategic styling choices that emphasize balance and proportionality, one can enhance the natural charm of the heart-shaped visage. Armed with these insights and techniques, hairstylists can craft looks that not only flatter but celebrate the enchanting beauty of the heart-shaped face.

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