Styling for Spectacle Wearers: Merging Function and Fashion


In today’s age, eyeglasses are not merely tools for vision correction. They’ve evolved into prominent fashion statements, mirroring an individual’s style, personality, and even mood. Consequently, hairstylists encounter the unique challenge of crafting hairstyles that not only flatter facial features but also integrate seamlessly with varying eyewear designs. This article delves into the intricacies of styling for individuals who wear glasses, ensuring a harmonious blend of aesthetics and practicality.

Merging Function and Fashion

Eyeglasses: Beyond Vision Correction

With the surge in eyewear fashion, many people own multiple pairs of glasses, switching between them based on outfits, occasions, or whims. This dynamic accessory introduces an additional variable into hairstyling. The frame’s shape, size, color, and even the temples play a pivotal role in determining the hairstyle’s effectiveness.

Styling for Spectacle Wearers
Styling for Spectacle Wearers

Understanding the Glasses’ Anatomy and Its Implications

Before diving into styling tips, it’s paramount to understand the parts of glasses that most affect hairstyling:

  • Temples: The elongated arms resting on the ears. Depending on their design, they can push against the hair, causing it to flare out or disrupt the hairstyle’s flow.
  • Temple Tips: The curved ends of the temples. They can either tuck the hair behind the ear or, in some cases, press against it, leading to discomfort or a disheveled appearance.
  • Eyeglass Frames: The main body holding the lenses. Their shape, size, and position can cast shadows, affect the perceived face shape, and influence the facial focal points.

Styling Strategies for Glass-Wearers

Given the potential challenges posed by eyeglasses, here are tailored hairstyling recommendations for those who don them:

  • Short Haircuts: If the chosen style is a pixie cut or a similarly short style, special attention must be paid to the hair length around the ears. Consider leaving it slightly longer to accommodate the glasses’ temples or cutting it strategically to ensure the hair rests comfortably above or around the ear. This prevents the hair from protruding awkwardly due to the glasses.
  • Fine Hair: Individuals with fine hair may find that their strands tend to pop out at the ear when glasses are worn. A solution is to opt for hairstyles that naturally cover the ears or styles that sweep the hair away from the face. This ensures that the glasses’ arms don’t interfere with the hair’s natural fall.
  • Long Hair and Bob Cuts: For those who prefer longer hairstyles or bob cuts, ensure that the hair’s layers or strands do not get caught between the glasses’ temples and the ears. Styling techniques such as tucking the hair behind the ears or using hair products to maintain a sleek appearance can mitigate potential disruptions caused by the glasses.
  • Adapting to Frame Styles: The frame’s design and color can inspire complementary hairstyles. For instance, vintage cat-eye glasses can be paired with retro hairstyles, while minimalist frames might suit sleek, modern hairdos. The key is to view the glasses as an extension of one’s style and craft hairstyles that resonate with them.
Hairstyle with glasses
Hairstyle with glasses


Eyeglasses, in their modern avatar, represent a fusion of function and fashion. For hairstylists, they pose an exciting challenge, urging them to think beyond traditional styling parameters. By understanding the dynamics of eyewear and its interaction with hair, one can create styles that not only elevate individual facial features but also harmonize with the chosen glasses. In the end, the goal is to sculpt a cohesive, captivating look that exudes confidence and style.

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