Mastering the Three-Part Client Service Process in Hairdressing: An In-Depth Guide


Hairdressing is not just about cutting and styling hair; it’s a holistic experience for the client. Ensuring consistency and quality throughout this experience requires an organized approach. One effective methodology is the three-part client service process. By dividing hair care procedures into these distinct phases, hairdressers can maintain efficiency, ensure client satisfaction, and streamline their workflow.

Three-Part Client Service Process in Hairdressing

1. The Pre-Service Procedure: Setting the Stage for Success

A. The Importance of Preparation

The foundation of any successful service starts with a strong pre-service procedure. Before the client even sits in the chair, the stage should be set, ensuring a smooth flow once the service begins.

B. Tools and Hygiene:

The primary step involves a thorough cleaning and disinfecting of all implements. Given the intimate nature of the service, ensuring sanitation is paramount to maintain client trust and safety.

C. Station Organization:

An organized station not only promotes efficiency but also conveys professionalism. Having everything from scissors to combs within easy reach minimizes disruptions during the service.

D. The Client Consultation:

The heart of the pre-service procedure is the client consultation. This critical step involves:

  • Understanding Client Expectations: Determine the client’s desired outcome. Is it a simple trim, a complete makeover, or a color treatment?
  • Assessing Hair Health and History: This includes understanding any previous treatments, allergies, or specific hair concerns.
  • Recommending Suitable Procedures: Based on the client’s needs and hair condition, suggest treatments that would offer optimal results.

2. The Service Procedure: Bringing the Vision to Life

A. Following the Plan:

Once the consultation is complete, it’s time to embark on the actual service. Be it a shampoo, cut, coloring, or a more intricate chemical service, the procedure should align with the client’s expectations established during the consultation.

B. Ensuring Client Comfort:

Throughout the service, it’s essential to ensure the client’s comfort. This means regular check-ins, ensuring they’re okay with water temperatures during washes, or ensuring they’re comfortable with the styling process.

C. Quality and Consistency:

The service should be consistent in terms of quality, reflecting the hairdresser’s expertise and training.

3. The Post-Service Procedure: Wrapping Up with Care

A. Finalizing the Look:

Once the service is complete, show the client the final result, ensuring they’re satisfied with the outcome.

B. Scheduling and Payment Process:

Help your client navigate the payment process efficiently. If your salon has digital payment options or loyalty programs, ensure the client is informed.

C. Encouraging Future Appointments:

To ensure client retention, offer them rebooking dates. A regular trim or maintenance appointment can keep their hair in optimal condition.

D. Product Recommendations:

The final touch to the post-service procedure is recommending retail home care products. Tailor your suggestions based on the service they’ve just had. For instance, color-treated hair may benefit from specific shampoos or conditioners to maintain vibrancy.


The three-part client service process in hairdressing provides a structured framework for hairdressers to ensure impeccable service from start to finish. By adhering to this methodology, professionals can elevate the client experience, ensuring they leave the salon not just with a great hairstyle but also with a positive impression of the entire service journey.

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