The Art of Home Care Recommendations: An In-Depth Guide for Beauticians


In the beauty and haircare industry, the experience does not end when the client leaves the salon. A successful career as a hairstylist extends into the client’s home through recommended products tailored to individual needs. As experts, hairstylists are uniquely positioned to offer home care advice that can transform a client’s daily routine. This article delves into the importance, methodology, and business benefits of effectively recommending home care products.

The Art of Home Care Recommendations

Why Home Care Recommendations Matter

Client Satisfaction

Effective home care ensures that the client maintains and prolongs the benefits of their salon visit, contributing to overall satisfaction and repeat business.


Providing personalized recommendations boosts your credibility as a skilled and knowledgeable beautician.

Revenue Generation

Product recommendations also serve as an additional revenue stream when clients purchase the products directly from your salon.

The Process: Conducting a Complete Hair Analysis

Before making any recommendations, a comprehensive hair analysis is crucial.

Steps in Hair Analysis

  1. Consultation: Open a dialogue with the client about their hair history, lifestyle, and any specific challenges they’re facing.
  2. Texture, Density, Porosity, and Elasticity: Utilize professional methods to assess these factors.
  3. Scalp Condition: Evaluate the health of the scalp, whether it’s dry, oily, or balanced.
  4. Overall Health: General health conditions can often affect hair quality, so ask if there are underlying health concerns that need to be addressed.
  5. Growth Patterns: Understanding the natural flow and patterns can be helpful, particularly for those struggling with issues like cowlicks or uneven growth.

Tools Needed

  • Microscopic hair analysis tools
  • Moisture and porosity check tools
  • Various sample products for testing

Tailoring Recommendations

Personalized Product Lists

Create customized lists that cater to the individual needs based on the hair analysis:

  • For oily scalps, recommend pH-balancing shampoos.
  • For dry and brittle hair, suggest products containing moisturizers and emollients.
  • For those with specific growth patterns, recommend styling products that can help manage cowlicks or whorls.

Dosage and Application

Explain the correct amount of product to use and the most effective application techniques.


Advise on how frequently they should use the products and in what sequence for the best results.

The Business of Recommendations

Inventory Management

Maintain an inventory of the products you recommend so that clients can purchase them on the spot.


Make it a practice to follow up with the client after a few weeks to assess the efficacy of the recommended products.


Offer discounts or a loyalty program to encourage clients to purchase products from your salon.

Case Studies

Client A: Dry Scalp with Frizziness

  • Recommendation: Moisturizing shampoo, hydrating serum
  • Result: Client reported an improvement within two weeks.

Client B: Oily Scalp with Dandruff

  • Recommendation: pH-balancing shampoo, lightweight conditioner
  • Result: Client experienced relief in just one week.


Home care recommendations are not just an additional service but an integral aspect of holistic hair care. A thorough hair analysis, personalized recommendations, and effective client communication are crucial components of this service. This not only helps in providing an extended care routine for the client but also adds a personal touch that can differentiate your service from others. By mastering the art of home care recommendations, beauticians can offer a more comprehensive and satisfying client experience, bolstering both client retention and revenue.

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